Project Enzmann

Description: This was a project initiated by members of Icarus Interstellar in late 2010. The design team set out to clarify the history of the Enzmann starship, collate all the essential references and also create a configuration and performance layout which could credibly be called the ‘Enzmann Starship’. The study took place over a year and went on to produce larger scaled world ship versions of the Enzmann. The basic Enzmann design, defined to be a ‘slow boat’, was defined to have a total dry mass of 30,000 tons with a Deuterium sphere mass of 3 million tons. It would travel at a cruise speed of 9% of light reaching its destination of Alpha Centauri, within about 60 years. The population would grow from an initial 200 to 2,000 at end of journey. The engines were a form of internal/external nuclear pulse hybrid, a cross between using Project Orion units but within an internal Daedalus-like reaction chamber.

Members: Adam Crowl, Kelvin Long, Richard Obousy. Consultants: Rick Sternbach, Don Davis, David Hardy, Robert Enzmann.

Key References:

  • Crowl, A, K.F.Long, R.K.Obousy, The Enzmann Starship: History & Engineering Appraisal, JBIS publication Pending, 2012.

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