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The Interstellarindex is a site managed by the Institute for Interstellar Studies. The index site is a volunteer web site set up to help the research community keep track of published articles and to provide a valuable resource for looking up full and reliable references, quickly. Although this web site is provided free of charge, it does take time and energy to create the index and to continuously update and develop it. We have many plans to expand the web site and provide a better ‘free’ service to the interstellar community. The interstellar index is designed and managed by The Institute for Interstellar Studies ( and all donations received will be directed to the institute fund. Any donations as a thank you for hosting this site will be gratefully received. We recommend one of the following levels although there is no cap on the amount:

  • Basic Donation: £10
  • Higher Donation: £25
  • Generous Donation: £50

Anyone who donates more than £50 will automatically become an affiliate member of the Institute and be named on our web site, unless you cantact us to say otherwise. We are very grateful for your donation and we will use it wisely in support of our activities.

Thank you.

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