On this page we list various meetings that have taken place in relation to interstellar studies.

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Tenesse Valley Interstellar Workshop

Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Oak Ridge, TN, USA, 28the and 29th November 2011. Organized by The Ultimax Group Inc and Les Johnson.


1. Sun Focus Comes First; Interstellar Comes Second, Claudio Maccone.

2. Interstellar Travel: Realistic Ideas and Fanciful Dreams, Les Johnson.

3. Human and Institutional Barriers to Large Scale Geoengineering and Interstellar Spaceflight, Kent Williams.

4. Warp Drive Now, Tony Robertson.

5. Power & Propulsion: An Informal Survey of Opportunities within Particle Physics, Jim Woosely.

6. Project Icarus, Richard Obousy.

7. Antimatter Propulsion, Harold Gerrish.

8. Interstellar Light Sails, Gregory Matloff.

9. Inroduction to SETI Science and Technology, Paul Shuch.

10. Jovian Tesla Radio, David Fields.

11. Lasers Revisited: Their Superior Utility for Interstellar Beacons, Communications and Travel, John Rather.

12. Interstellar Exploration Through Art, C.Bangs.

13. Humanity in the Outlands: Anthropological and Sociological Concerns in the Face of Touching the Universe, Robert C Lightfoot.

14. Shell Worlds, Robert Kennedy.

15. Sublight Colonization of the Galaxy, Ken Roy.

16. The Search for Earth 2.0, Fred Sloop.

17. The Fermi Paradox: A Roundtable Discussion, Stephanie Osborn.

18. Late Night Panel on the Future of Space Exploration, Les Johnson Moderating.


100 Year Starship Symposium

Hotel Hilton, Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, September 30th – October 2nd, 2011. Organized by DARPA and their executing agent NASA Ames Research Center. Principal organizers were David Neyland, Peter Worden, Paul Eremenko, Dawn McIntosh. Track Chairs were Jim Benford, Chris McKay, Neal Pellis, Mae Jemison, Jill Tarter, Stewart Brand, Harry Kloor.

1. Agenda too big, see pdf attachment: 100YSSAgenda_0928

World Ships: The Long Road to the Stars

The British Interplanetary Society, London, 17th August 2011. One day Symposium. Organized by Kelvin Long and Pat Galea.

1. The Enzmann Starships – History and Engineering Appraisal, Kelvin Long, Adam Crowl, Richard Obousy.

2. Communications Between Worldships, Pat Galea.

3. World Ships: The Solar-PHoton Sail Option, Gregory Matloff (Presented by Galea).

4. World Ships – Architectures & Feasibility Revisited, Andreas Hein.

5. Why World Ships?, Gerry Webb

6. A Development Roadmap for the Worldship, Stephen Ashworth.

7. On the Financing of World Ships & Other Gigascale Space Projects, Frederik Ceyssens, Maarten Driesen, Kristof Wouters.




Project Daedalus: Three Decades On

The British Interplanetary Society, London, 30th September 2009. One day Symposium. Organized by Kelvin Long and Ian Crawford.

1. The Planetary Science and Astrobiology Case for Interstellar Spaceflight, Ian Crawford.

2. Consideration of Nearby Star Systems for Future Interstellar Missions, Martyn Fogg.

3. Using Daedalus for Local Transport, Bob Parkinson.

4. Project Icarus: Son of Daedalus – Flying Closer to Another Star, Kelvin Long.

5. Interstellar Propulsion: Challenges and Developments 30Years After Daedalus, Richard Obousy.

6. Systems Architecture for Launch & Assembly of Interstellar Probes, Richard Osborne.

Interstellar Session – UK Space Conference

UK Space Conference, Charterhouse School, near Godalming Surrey, United Kingdom. 4th April 2009. Organized by Kelvin Long. This was the first UKSC interstellar session in its history and the first TZF conference ever.

1. Inertial Confinement Fusion & Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion for Space Propulsion, Kelvin Long.

2. Unconventional Thinking in Interstellar Spaceflight Research: Practical Approaches, Tibor Pacher.

3. Realistic Targets for Early Interstellar Missions, Claudio Maccone.

4. Relativistic Engineering for Interstellar Missions, Luca Derosa.

5. The Possibility of Inertial Reduction for Interstellar Travel, Mike McCulloch.

6. The Use of Casimir Energy for Traversable Wormholes: A Tool for Interstellar Travel, Remo Garattini.


Warp Drive: Faster Than Light – Breaking the Interstellar Distance Barrier

The British Interplanetary Society, London, United Kingdom. 15th November 2007. Full Day Symposium. Organized by Kelvin Long.

1. Casimir Energy: A Fuel for Traversable Wormholes, Remo Garattini.

2. Computer Tensor Codes to Design the Warp Drive.

3. Warp Drive: From Imagination to Reality, Jeremy Gardiner.

4. The Status of the Warp Drive, Kelvin Long.

5. Warp Drive: A New Approch, Richard Obousy & Gerald Cleaver.

6. Warp Drives in Cosmology, Pedro Gonzalez-Diaz.

7. Can the Flyby Anomalies by Explained by a Modification of Inertia, M.E.McCulloch.

8. Space Teleportation with Presdent Day Technology (poster).


STAIF Conference

Space Technology and Applications International Forum


First European Workshop on Field Propulsion

The University of Sussex, Brighton, January 20-22, 2001. Attendees included: Hal Puthoff, Alex Szames, Claudio Maccone, Richard Obousy


Robotic Interstellar Exploration in the Next Century Workshop

California Institute of Technology, July 1998. Organized by Geoffrey A Landis. Attendees included: Geoffrey A Landis, John West, Jordin Kare, James T Early, Robert L Forward, Ben C Platt, John Cole.


Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop II

NASA Glenn Research Centre, Cleveland, USA. August 1997. Organized by Marc Millis. Attendees included: Eric Davis, wormholes


Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop I

Austin, USA. February 1997. Organizers Marc Millis and Hal Puthoff. Attendees included: Eric Davis,

Space Technology and Applications International Forum, Cosponsored by NASA, DSWA, US DOE, USAF, Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 26-30, 1997.


STAIF Conference

31st AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit, San Diego, CA, USA, July 10-12, 1995. Reported in AIAA 95-2599, Organized by Garry L. Bennett, Robert L. Forward and Robert H. Frisbee. Attendees included: John L Anderson, Gregory Benford, Gary L Bennett, John G Cramer, Pauline B Cramer, Robert L Forward, Robert H Frisbee, H.B.Knowles, Geoffrey A Landis, Franklin B Mead Jr, Marc G Millis, Michael S Morris, Roy Patrick Rawlings, Mat Visser.


Vision 21 Symposium

Sponsored by NASA Lewis Research Center, Ohio Aerospace Institute, March 30-31, 1993. Reported in NASA CP-10129. Organized by Marc Millis. Attendees included Marc Millis, Vernor Vinge…


4th Conference on Planetology and Space Mission Planning

Held on Cruise S.S Statendm, December 1972.

CORNUCOPIA OF SPACE (1st seminar 6th December)

Bruce Hunt: Co-Chairman

Donald Banks: Co-Chairman

Isaac Asimov: What is a Cornucopia

Norman Mailer: Is there a Cornucopia out there?

Pandora Duncan: Planetary rover designs

Robert D Enzmann: Out of the Cornucopia

Richard Hoagland: The Space Shuttle

Ben Bova: Expanding the Cornucopia

Berguet Roberts: Last Lunar Flight Dreams


Krafft Ehricke: Co-Chairman Extraterrestrial Industries

Kenneth Franklin: Co-Chairman

Eric Burgess: Emerging Conscience of Man

Roger Caras: Earth the Teacher, Lessons learned from out 1st planet

Isaac Asimov: A heirarchy of niches from comets to Earthlike planets

Neil Ruzic: Development of the moon as a niche

Richard Sternbach: Experiment that failed

Don Davis: Paintings: Clones


Roger Caras: Co-chairman

Harry Stine: Co-chairman The Third industrial Revolution

Robert Heinlein: Genetic fitness, Social fitness, training & technology and communications Marvin Minsky: Artificial intelligence

Sarah Meltzoff: Universals, Cultural viability, economic specialization

Janet Jepperson: Psychological barriers to full realization

Linda Sagan: Comment: Ultimate Machines

Krafft Ehricke: Comment: Ultimate Machines


Donald Banks: Co-Chairman Energy

Ben Bova: Co-Chairman

Werner Rambauske: Observation of the Universe

Brude hunt: Propulsion

Robin Anderson: Plowshare: Big guns for the benefit of the people

Fred Pohl: The shape of shadows from the future

Carl Sagan: Interstellar probes and Pioneer 10

Neil Ruzic: Human acquisition of Moon and its effects on war and peace


Gillet Griffin: Co-chairman

Eric Burgess: of Mankind but no longer Men

Cassandra Boell: Space states and the howling of beasts

Harry Stine: Comment: Ultimate Machine

Robert D. Enzmann: Statement of grand design, & galactic fertile crescent

Robert Heinlein: The grand design

Theodore Sturgeon: Communications, The Cold Equations, and the grand design

Fred Pohl: Star flight and relativistic twins “lost in space”

Fred Ordway: Use of satellite systems for education

Marvin Minsky: Artificial intelligence and the grand design, have we nurtured “The Descent of Machines?”

Richard Sternbach: Paintings: Mankinds’ grand design


Neil Ruzic: Co-chairman

Eric Burgess: Co-chairman

Donald Burgy: Order theory: an art exhibit in the clipper room

Gillett Griffin: Migrations of men and their art

Isaac Asimov: stellar types and organic evolution

Robert D Enzmann: Force= dp/dt (F=/ma) and e=hv(1-d/D) That is an intellectual revolution

Ben Bova: galaxies and quasars

Norman Mailer: Revolutionaries of science and technology

Donald Davis: Paintings: Cupules and stick charts










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