Cognitive Neuropsychology Graduate programs

February 17, 2020
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Considering a cognitive psychology degree? Cognitive psychology graduate programs are designed to give students the knowledge and training to understand mental processes and behaviors. Cognitive psychology degrees programs help teach students to help clients in a goal-oriented and problem-focused fashion. Graduates of top cognitive psychology graduate programs may develop the knowledge to read what is happening within their client’s minds that links stimulus (input) and response (output).

Some common courses that a student in a cognitive psychology degree program or an applied cognitive psychology degree program might encounter include; research, cognitive aging, eyewitness memory, critical thinking, and perception and human performance. Some cognitive psychology degrees may require students to submit a thesis, participate in a practicum training program or submit an original research project as part of their graduation requirements.

There are different degree types you can earn from a cognitive psychology graduate program, including a Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology, Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology, or a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Search by location to find accredited colleges from across the country and world that offer cognitive psychology graduate programs. There are also online, on-campus, and hybrid learning options available.

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