Goals of Developmental Psychology

January 21, 2023
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This is a doctoral training program, culminating in a Ph.D. The goal of this program is to produce outstanding research scientists within the field of psychological sciences.

Note that the emphasis of this program is on research, rather than applied work. This program provides training in the basic theoretical foundations of the field, as well as advanced training within each student's chosen area of specialization. Students receive a thorough grounding in the research methods used in psychological sciences. Students are also expected to complete statistical training (described below). Details on the general requirements for the graduate program can be found in the graduate student handbook (see the graduate resources section of this website).

Research Training

Research training at UC Merced is accomplished through a mentorship model, in which graduate students work closely with their faculty advisors. Typically, each graduate student is admitted to the program to work with a specific faculty member. Each student is expected to become involved in his or her advisor's research program during the first semester.

Students work with their advisors to develop research projects, and are expected to present their research at the end of their first year, during the department's weekly colloquium seminar. As students develop their research programs, they are expected to engage in appropriate scholarly activities, such as attending conferences and publishing their findings in scientific journals. Students are also encouraged to broaden their research training by developing research projects with additional faculty members.

Source: psychology.ucmerced.edu
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