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October 23, 2015
Eysenck s Theory of

How do our thoughts impact our behavior? Do our feelings and beliefs make us more optimistic or pessimistic? These are just some of the questions that personality psychologists strive to answer. Such things as free will, nature vs nurture, universality vs uniqueness and being reactive or proactive are all part of what they study.

This is an area of psychology where there are widely differing ideas as to what makes us think and behave as we do. Freud believed that personality was defined by the interactions of the id, ego and super-ego. Others believe we are more guided by the experiences of our childhood and others feel a discrete number of key traits are the primary indicators of our personalities.

It would seem that students of personality psychology could be greatly helped by reviewing materials by a variety of authors. This section of the Free Textbook List shares information on finding free online personality psychology textbooks for students and anyone else interested in this field.

This site offers access to a yet-to-be-published book as the author refines it for release. It covers that aspect of personality psychology called psychometrics, which studies how to measure what we talk and think about. It also offers several articles and links to information about using the R software platform. This book is aimed for […]

Examining the writings of three of Freud’s critics and criticizing them in turn. Explanations of the arguments by Sulloway, Masson and Grünbaum are included.

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